Driving Double Digit Sales Growth Through Performance-based E-learning

This is a story of innovation, where instructional design flexed to meet the demands of the learning community to provide strategic business results that yielded a return on investment of 1,453 percent. A 2013 analysis revealed a need to shift the behavior of project managers and the technical program experts, to become consulting advisors responsible for driving add-on sales. In this Power Hour talk, Kuntal McElroy, head of learning and development for Ericsson North America, will share she applied “strategy first” mentality to determine the programs that will best shift business practices to realize gains. 

During this talk, attendees will learn:

  • The value of innovation when the learning content and design align with strategic business objectives.
  • The importance in designing a learning solution that puts the needs of the learner above the requests for a “traditional” delivery style.
  • How a concrete definition of “success and key constraints” plays a critical role in building the right solution.

Kutal McElroy

Kuntal McElroy joined Ericsson in 2009. In the past seven years, she has held several roles with an emphasis on strategy and marketing, strategy execution, market and risk analysis and business development and intelligence.

With an established career in financial management and consulting within companies such as Citigroup and PricewaterhouseCoopers, McElroy took on the challenge in 2013 to establish a learning strategy that would help transform the workforce of the world’s leading provider of mobile telecommunication networks. While 40 percent of the world’s mobile communication traffic travels on networks built by Ericsson, Ericsson has also been on the forefront in the innovative space connecting the world globally in “The Networked Society” where everything that can be connected will be connected. 

In her current role as head of learning and development, McElroy leads a team of performance consultants to develop a proactive, strategic, effective and efficient learning and development practice. For North America, she defines strategies, processes and solutions to build competence as part of a global Ericsson strategy. This involves C-level partnering with business leaders to implement learning solutions that meet business needs across all competencies, ranging from technical to soft skills.

It is in this capacity that Ericsson’s North American learning team has had success with innovative learning designs to close critical competence gaps and achieve business goals, through proactive recognition of emerging trends, and delivering just-in-time business solutions. 

She and her team drive everyday learning by including on-the-job methods, knowledge management, and social learning and collaboration tools, bridging formal and informal learning for the best business and individual impact.

McElroy was born and raised in Mumbai, India, and moved to the United States at 18. She has a doctorate in mathematics from Lehigh University and married with three children and lives in Frisco, Texas.


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